They cut down trees so you can wipe your ass and blow your nose with the softest tissues ever (2000)


Created and performed by Sarah Joy Stoker

Original score by Laurent Masle

Light design by Colin Stoker

Video by Sarah Joy Stoker

15 min solo


Featuring excerpts of L'Erreur boréale by Richard Desjardins, CBC news and Rick Mercer, used with permission from the producers.


This work looks at the amount of responsibility, or lack thereof, that our governments and selves take for the things and places that support us. The mighty dollar rules and the most essential elements of our environment are unprotected, damaged and vulnerable. In a time when we have so much knowledge, resource and ability, ignorance, indifference and greed are rampant. This is unacceptable.

2000 - Espace Tangente, Montreal, QC

2000 - Festival of New Dance, St. Johns


Photos by Stéphane Corriveau