Sarah Joy Stoker was invited to collaborate with visual artist Omar Badrin (NL/Toronto) for the inaugural Bonavista Biennale, Aug/Sept. 2017 in Bonavista, NL.

“Omar and I were brought together as part of the inagural Bonavista Biennale. Omar’s series of crocheted masks were being shown within the festival. Curator Catherine Beaudette suggested the idea of Omar creating a large full-scale body piece and having someone animate it with movement. I received the proposal and a new collaborative relationship began. Omar and I communicated via email and phone for a number of months until Omar had finalized the piece. It was flown down from Toronto and I worked with it in studio for another couple of months leading up to 8 performances throughout the biennale on the beach in Sandy Cove, Elliston in Bonavista.”