Je ne peux pas (2001)


Created and performed by Sarah Joy Stoker

Light design by Philippe Dupeyroux

Research Assistant and videographer – Fred Valliant

Video – Sarah Joy Stoker

20 min solo

Fear. All living things have innate fear which leads to an avoidance of harm - physical or emotional pain. It is a built in protection or warning device. We cannot not react to our fears.

But what are the consequences of our fears being too extreme. How do we function when our fears overtake us? When they become irrational and render us victims? It is in moments like these that you are forced to question the origin of the fear. We learn a lot about ourselves in moments like these.

2001 - Tangente, Montreal, Qc

2001- Atlantic New Dance Festival, Halifax, NS

2002, Festival of New Dance, St. Johns, NL


Funded by The City of St. John's and the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council

Photos by Stéphane Corriveau